Your XDMCP patch for Win 95

Alexander Gottwald
Tue Dec 4 07:11:00 GMT 2001

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Watzlavick wrote:

> I'm getting the error: "XDMCP Fatal error: Session declined with no
> valid address".  I can start an X session locally on the Win 95 box,
> telnet to the LInux box and run X programs remotely that way.  However,
> If I use "XWin -query -from" I get the error.
> I've read all the previous posts about XDMCP problems but none of the
> suggestions worked.  I do have the Win95 machine name in the /etc/hosts
> file and in the Xaccess file on the Linux box.

What kind of network card have you installed? Token ring is known to 
make problems. On my homepage I've a small utility called ls_netdev.
This try's to get all network devices from cygwin and also tries to grab
it directly from windows. Can you please run it and send me the output?

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