XDVI problem

David Hawkins dwh@ovro.caltech.edu
Mon Dec 17 17:00:00 GMT 2001


I've just setup Cygwin/Latex/XFree86 and am trying
to setup xdvi. I followed the previous threads to
correct the xdvi makefile such that make, and
make install, appear to work correctly.

However, if I startx and try to open a dvi
document, xdvi spits out some errors, and then dies.

The errors I am seeing are:

fcntl F_SETOWN (xdvi): Invalid argument
setsid: Not owner
- mktexpk --mfmode cx --bdpi 300 --mag 'magstep(0)' --dpi 300 cmtt10 '>&3'
xdvi: fcntl F_SETOWN: Invalid argument
xdvi: ! Out of memory (reallocating 134195587 bytes).

I checked on the ownership flags of /usr/bin/xdvi.exe
and they look ok.

What have I overlooked / screwed up!?

Thanks for the help.


Dave Hawkins

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