New to-do item - configuration

Alexander Gottwald
Sun Dec 16 08:50:00 GMT 2001


this is just a little status report.

I managed:

- to read in the XF86Config file and parse it
- set the default fontpath (cool thing :) )
- set the default keyboard and XKB settings

These are the two most wanted topics from the configfile wishlist.
But XKB has massive problems. 

Each keymap needs to be compiled via the program xkbcomp. This seems
to be broken with cygwin. Any keymap compiled with the cygwin port
of xkbcomp contains no valid keymap. Compiling with a linux native
app works fine.

So the next open topics are:

- creating code for pointer device 
- creating code for full layout (binding keyboard and pointer to 
  screen, setting monitor==window for screen)
- cleanup code

There are two problems with the server which I can't solve

- There is no automatic redrawing. I only get the current output 
  when I move a window over the XWin window and force a redraw
- SEGFAULT in shadowRemove. The pointer to the second node in 
  the screenPriv list points to 0x7e0. Maybe an initialization 

Hope you can give me a pointer where to look :)  

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