New to-do item - configuration

Robert Collins
Thu Dec 13 05:33:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Harold Hunt" <>

> I'm leaving this up to you, but I must say that I really prefer the
> approach as it is very simple.  There could be a simple "configuration
> profile" mechanism where you would pass "-profile 1" or "-profile
> my_profile_name" as the only command line parameter and that would
load the
> specified parameters from the registry.  Just an idea...

Just my 2c:

Using a file has some benefits:
1) configurations running off a network share don't require machine
alterations to change the setup. (imagine a student lab).
2) There are more tools available to script changes.
3) No registry import is needed for distributed packages (again,
thinking labs or corporates, not cygwin net release).

As a data point. Earnie has created a variant of cygwin with a mount
table on disk, for (as I understand it) similar reasons to those above.

Secondly, using the current X config reader could be done quite easily
by having the video driver as Win32 override the modelines to what
windows reports. Again, just my 2c, as I'm not planning helping
implement this feel free to ignore me :}.


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