New to-do item - configuration

Pidgornyy, Oleksandr
Mon Dec 10 23:11:00 GMT 2001

I would suggest to make it as in the Linux if this is not more complicated
than via registry.
Arguments: the configuration will be in the same manner as everything rest
otherwise configuration via registry
would make the configuration process dissimilar.


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Subject: New to-do item - configuration


after several requests, we should add the following point to the todo-list:

    Implementation of a static configuration. Either as file as in the
    Linux version Xfree86 or via the Windows registry.

    The configuration should contain these points:
    - Dimension and location of the window
    - Fontpath configuration
    - XKB configuration
    - Other options (3 Button emulation,...)

    The preferred format of the configuration file is the format of
    XF86Config used by other XFree86 X-servers. 
    If a reuse of the configfile reader of XFree86 is not possible/
    _very_ complicated I would not mind if we use a different format.

    The registry variant would require a configuration program which 
    allows the user to adjust these values.    

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