Another XDMCP problem

Julien Gilles
Fri Dec 7 08:13:00 GMT 2001

Until this morning I had no problem to start Xfree using 
'Xwin -query sun_ip -from my-ip', but now X stay black, with the wait
cursor, no login window. On Solaris, I have the following error in
/var/dt/Xerrors :

Fri Dec  7 15:58:48 2001
error (pid 3893): Impossible d'initialiser l'écran Saisie proba
ble du serveur.

Sorry, the error message is in french, it means : "Can't initialize
the display". I don't know how to translate the second
part, I even don't understand it in french...

( is the IP of my Win2K).

Julien Gilles

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