Secure x-terminal

Wilhelm Person
Fri Dec 7 05:27:00 GMT 2001

It's already covered in the User's Guide, sort of.  But I thought I'd
share it with you anyway.

I changed my startxwin.bat a bit to make it do a secure connection to a
host with unix, and then I start a window-manager there.  It makes the
windows-box behave like a secure x-terminal, and I don't have to bother
installing XDM on the remote machine.

I have Win2k, but assume that it should work with other versions too:

The tail of my startxwin.bat:
REM Use the /B switch.  This starts the specified process in the background;
REM in other words, it does not cause a new Command Prompt window to be
REM opened for each 'start' command.


REM Startup the X Server.

start /B XWin -fullscreen -terminate
start /B xterm -T "Login" -e ssh -C -X
When run it goes fullscreen and starts an xterm which automatically runs
ssh with X-forwarding and compression (I have fast computers, but a rather
slow link).

Once I have logged in I run a script that changes the keyboard layout and
starts a window manager.

echo Please wait.
xmodmap /etc/X11/
twm &

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