app launch and xwinclip problem

François PERROT
Wed Dec 5 07:49:00 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I have some problems when I try to open Microsoft office files by
double-click. When I do so, the app is not launched and the machine freezes
with 100 % cpu time used. When I kill -1 xwinclip, the app starts normally.
I first thought this was a Microsoft office files openning problem only but
I also have some xwinclip related problems with the windows time / date
properties panel, and with windows explorer when it's launched by
right-clicking on the start button.
For those two last exemples the symptoms are different as the app is
correctly launched but hangs until I kill xwinclip (kill -1 works)
The behaviour of xwinclip is : "OpenClipboard () failed" message and
xwinclip goes on working well, same message but I can paste on windows
environment (and it works on xfree/KDE), or xwinclip is no longer running at
I'm using Xwin-test53, cygwin version is 1.3.3, KDE 1.2 beta (but I had the
same problems with twm, mwm and icewm) and xwinclip test 03. My win
environment is NT 4 sp 6 with 96 Mo.

I've searched the mailing-lists archives and didn't find any equivalent
problem, witch I find weird : many office users and only one with what
should be a common problem. Hey who put a spell on my machine ?!!

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