Your XDMCP patch for Win 95

Bob Watzlavick
Tue Dec 4 11:01:00 GMT 2001

Ok, I just tried using a static IP on the Windows 95 box and things work
just dandy.  Thanks!  So do you think the problem with the dynamic IP is in
my router or something in Cygwin?


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Subject: Re: Your XDMCP patch for Win 95

I'm using DHCP and my dynamic IP is  Does Cygwin only work
with static IP addresses?  I suppose there's a chance that my router isn't
keeping track of client names properly.


On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Watzlavick wrote:

> > > I'm getting the error: "XDMCP Fatal error: Session declined with no
> > > valid address".  I can start an X session locally on the Win 95 box,
> > > telnet to the LInux box and run X programs remotely that way.
> > > If I use "XWin -query -from" I get the
> OS Version: Windows 9x 4.0 Build 67306684  B
> Querying devices using ioctl
> lo: family=TCP/IP (0) addr=
> eth0: family=TCP/IP (0) addr=
> Querying devices using internal function
> lo: family=TCP/IP (0) addr=
> eth0: family=TCP/IP (0) addr=
> Looks like something is wrong with the ethernet addresses but I don't
> how to fix it.

You should be able to set the IP in the Preferences Dialog for the network.

Choose the TCP-IP Protocol from the list in the networksettings-panel.
Select Properties and Change the field IP-Adress to

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