Pb with XDMCP on Solaris

Julien Gilles jgilles@glmultimedia.com
Tue Dec 4 09:50:00 GMT 2001


[ Using CygWin/Xfree on Win2k, 1280x1024x24 ]

if I use this to open a session :

./XWin -query sun.ip -from my.ip

I have a session where bitmaps are completly messed up by vertical
gray lines - in fact vertical lines seems to be mixed. Fonts are ok,
colors ok also, but icons on the CDE toolbar have this
problem. The background is also badly displayed.

./XWin -query -from -fullscreen -depth 24

=> same problem

./XWin -query -from -fullscreen -depth 8 

=> no problem :-\

Is there something to fix on the Solaris Workstation ? or perhaps a
tricky parameters under Win2K ? 

Julien Gilles

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