[ANNOUNCEMENT] Overlay and No DirectInput Test 4

Harold Hunt Harold@compasstechnologies.com
Tue Oct 31 07:39:00 GMT 2000

My computers won't reproduce the problems that people are reporting, so the
problems must be the result of different video cards allowing certain
parameters to be missing (mine seems to allow all parameters to be missing),
while other video cards need nearly all of the parameters when creating an
overlay.  I appreciate the patience of the people that are testing for me.

Execute permissions on the xf_dx.dll file were fixed in this test release.

I fixed a few silly mistakes that worked fine with my video cards and OS,
but that probably would cause problems with some video cards and OS

Updates in this test release were constrained to xf_dx.dll, so, if you
already have the Test 3 full package (OverlayAndNoDITest.tar.bz2) installed,
you can just download the xf_dx.dll package; otherwise, download the full
Test 4 package.

Full Test 4 Package: http://www.msu.edu/~huntharo/OverlayAndNoDITest.tar.bz2
(1.7 MB)
Test 4 xf_dx.dll Package: http://www.msu.edu/~huntharo/xf_dx.dll.tar.bz2 (43

You can download the xf_dx.dll source if you have Visual C++ 6 and you feel
like poking around:
http://www.msu.edu/~huntharo/xf_dx-src.zip (14 kB)

Any overlay initialization problems would be isolated to the xf_dx.dll file,
specifically the winDXAllocateFramebufferMemory function, and, less likely,
the AdjustVideoMode function.  I'd appreciate it if someone with more
DirectDraw overlay experience would take a look at those two functions.

Good luck, enjoy, and thanks for testing,


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