DOS vs Unix file endings

Suhaib Siddiqi
Sun Oct 29 10:14:00 GMT 2000

 I will let folks know.  I never had this problem before.
It could have been due to latest patches applied to CVS.

Previously, (a long time ago) I had this problem while doing a cvs checkout
on a Windows NT machines.  CVS on Widnows was inserting DOS file endings. 


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Sent: 10/29/2000 1:03 PM
Subject: DOS vs Unix file endings

I've run across this twice now.  Some of the files from cvs have dos
line endings.

The latest one I found is : xc/lib/xt/util/string.list.

This causes a seg. fault in the following:

../../config/util/makestrs <util/string.list >StringDefs.c

during the 'make includes'  of the Xt libs.

Running a 'dtou' program fixed it.


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