[ANNOUNCEMENT] Overlay and No Direct Input Test (Win9x & NT/2000)

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Oct 27 07:19:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Harold Hunt wrote:
> Unfortunately, overlays must be allocated in video memory in addition to the
> video memory required for your current display resolution and depth.  Your
> window size should require no more video memory than you currently have
> free, so be sure to start off with small window sizes to ensure success.
> Try decreasing your current display depth if you cannot get XWin to start
> (don't forget to keep the depth in your startxwin.bat file in synch with
> your current display depth).
> Feedback:
> Please post to the list if the test works for you (include your OS,
> language).
> Please post to the list if the test does not work for you (include your OS,
> video card info, and language).
> Please post your suggestions to the list.
> Please try not to be overly critical, as this is just a test :)

W98 Athlon, Matrox G400 16MB, german keyboard, german language settings
- XServer worked in 16bpp, but colors are distorted
- Modes tested: 800x600x16, 640x480x16
- Mouse worked fine
- XDMCP works ;-)
- XServer crashed after session was closed
- Keyboard mapping was nearly ok, but ALT worked not

W98 PentiumMMX, C&T65550 2MB, german keyboard and language setttings
- Colors are distorted again
- 8bpp draws horizontal scaled by 0.5
- Mouse worked fine
- XDMCP works
- Keyboard worked only in XDMCP login-screen, later completely wired 
  keyboard maping
- tested modes 640x480x16, 640x480x8  

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