Why run XWindows on top of MS Windows?

acmay@mace.penguinpowered.com acmay@mace.penguinpowered.com
Thu Oct 26 21:23:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 08:33:21PM -0400, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
>  Robert,
> Thanks for your suggestions.  BUT the answer to question is alrady covered
> in FAQ.  All users needs to do read Q.1 and Q.2 and follow the links.  I
> personally do not think anyone can cover this topic better then Kenton Lee,
> whose URL pointer is under Q.2. ( http://www.rahul.net/kenton ).

Some things can never be repeated enough. 
I would also add point c) for the same reason we have WINE.
almost the same b)

> I do not think it is a right attitude from users to shoot the questions and
> suggestions without reading the FAQ and mail archives and then someone else

Have you been on a list with the unsubscribe instructions in the headers and
footers of an email? Even then you get people that do the unsubscribe s....
to the list itself. Never underestimate the stupidity of some people.

"Good. Bad. I'm the one with gun" just delete the stupid ones or send a 
private berating to them and don't bother the other people on the list.

> At last, as I always say "Read First FAQ and Mail Archives Then Ask."  FAQ
> and Mail archive are there for some good reasons.  98% when I have problems

Leave the post from these people in the quick delete category. Maybe they 
will learn through silence.

Someone should try to write a generic procmail filter to take a html faq and
filter out all mail that makes a reference to a question in the faq.

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