Why run XWindows on top of MS Windows?

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Thu Oct 26 17:13:00 GMT 2000

I agree - it is rudimentary questions that *MUST* be covered by the web
page or the FAQ. "Frequently" asked questions...

I am happy to put in the reasoning the next time I update the pages
(probably this weekend). (UNLESS you object Suhaib.).


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> >If this is not obvious to you, then I cannot help you or no 
> one can answer 
> >you....
> Another brillant but useless answer from one of this group's 
> moderators!

This group isn't moderated. It is 100% volunteer unpaid contribution.
Chris Faylor et al from Redhat listen in but aren't involved in the
development (unless you lot just got a lot of time ? :-]). So thanks for
your brilliant, inspired response that will get everyone assisting you
in this project.
Nuff Said.

> It would be helpful if the moderators of this list were more tolerant 
> potential users, no matter what their skill set, of the 
> exciting tools that 
> this group provides. Insulting people who pose naive 
> questions is not a to 
> encourage new users. So PLEASE cool your jets and be MORE TOLERANT.

Yes. Like you? The X-Server port has only just reached stablility - at
this point this is the development group, not a support group.

> >Sorry, this questions cannot be included in FAQ, it is too 
> redumentary.
> This is precisely the type of basic question that should be 
> in an FAQ - they 
> are for use by experienced users and newbies.

As I said.. I agree


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