Input and Display Status Update (3)

Suhaib Siddiqi
Thu Oct 26 06:41:00 GMT 2000

As I suggested a few times, could you please send your binaries and changed
directly to me.  I will create a "test" directory at
for other users to download and test.

I and Peter had been planing to added Win32 desktop integration.  It can be
to xf_dx.dll without changing anything in XWIN.exe code.  Peter had been
busy, but if you
want to look at it, I can send you the references directly from which we
inspire the idea.
Once that is done (achieved) we will be making XWIn comparable to other
commercial X-servers.


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> From: Harold Hunt [ ]
> Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 9:30 AM
> To: Cygx (E-mail)
> Subject: RE: Input and Display Status Update (3)
> Good call, I think I'm going to package up an update today
> that people can
> give me some feedback on.
> The reason I had thought about holding off is that I had to
> make changes to
> the XWin.exe code contained in the XFree86 cvs tree, in
> addition to changes
> to the xf_dx.dll code; I don't really want to commit any of
> those changes
> until we decide what direction the code should be taking
> (i.e. get rid of
> all DI code vs. detecting what sort of input to use, getting
> rid of primary
> surface code vs. detecting what display mode to use, etc.).
> I think that
> feedback as to the stability, performance, and usefullness of
> the current
> changes would be usefull in determining a direction for
> further development.
> Well, enough talking, I'm going to see about throwing in some error
> detection code and rolling up a testing tarball.
> Harold

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