Input and Display Status Update (3)

Harold Hunt
Thu Oct 26 06:35:00 GMT 2000

Good call, I think I'm going to package up an update today that people can
give me some feedback on.

The reason I had thought about holding off is that I had to make changes to
the XWin.exe code contained in the XFree86 cvs tree, in addition to changes
to the xf_dx.dll code; I don't really want to commit any of those changes
until we decide what direction the code should be taking (i.e. get rid of
all DI code vs. detecting what sort of input to use, getting rid of primary
surface code vs. detecting what display mode to use, etc.).  I think that
feedback as to the stability, performance, and usefullness of the current
changes would be usefull in determining a direction for further development.

Well, enough talking, I'm going to see about throwing in some error
detection code and rolling up a testing tarball.


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