Input and Display Status Update (2)

Harold Hunt
Tue Oct 24 22:35:00 GMT 2000

I went ahead and rewrote the mouse input routines to use standard Windows
mechanisms, rather than DirectInput.  The new mouse routines allow the mouse
cursor to freely cross into and out of the X server window, as opposed to
previously having to press a keyboard combination to switch the X server
into the background before the mouse was released.

The Num Lock key was giving me some trouble earlier; I figured out that the
X server needs to be kept informed of the current state of the Num Lock key
when the server starts and when the Num Lock key is toggled while the X
server is in the background.  My preliminary tests of initializing the Num
Lock key state were succesful; I'll finish up that code in a few days.
Additionally, other "mode" keys like Caps Lock, Kana Lock, and Scroll Lock
will need a similar startup hint and background change notification.

Next I'm going to fix the overlay size and alignment restrictions that I
inadvertantly violated within the past few days.  The fix should be trivial,
but the documentation on the restrictions is rather arcane, so the
documentation may take me a day to decipher.

I'll keep you posted,


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