Error messages and problems with font size

Mike Davies
Tue Oct 24 04:08:00 GMT 2000


I have 2 installations of cygwin-xfree on separate PII machines.  Both use
the latest network version of cygwin (1.1.4).

This first is just a quibble but I think there may be a problem with the
supplied startxwin.bat file,  shouldn't the path in this file be DOS style
paths set to agree with the X11 directory  that cygwin-xfree unpacks into ?
I have set my paths as follows :

SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\unix\bin;c:\unix\usr\X11R6\bin

Anyway,  on to my problems :

Machine 1 has a problem in that I get the following error boxes when I start
the server by running the startwin.bat file from explorer :

Back Creation failed
Error = 887601b3 (unknown error)

Direct Draw Init failed
Error = 887601b3 (unknown error)

This machine uses an STB Systems Powergraph 64 3D (ViRGE) VGA card.

On machine 2 I can get the server to start,  and I have been able to compile
lesstif and get mwm running,  so far so good :-)

My problem with this machine is that the fonts in the rxvt and xterm shells
are extremely small.  When I try to change them by changing the line in
startxwin.bat to eg :

start rxvt -fn "Lucidia Console-14"

it doesn't make any difference :-/

Does anyone know how to change the font size in these two programs ?



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