Input and Display status update

Harold Hunt
Mon Oct 23 05:48:00 GMT 2000

>From the MS Platform SDK documentation:

DirectInput ... ignores mouse and keyboard settings made by the user in
Control Panel.  For the keyboard, character repeat settings are not used by
DirectInput. When using buffered data, DirectInput interprets each press and
release as a single event, with no repetition.  For the mouse, DirectInput
ignores Control Panel settings such as acceleration and swapped buttons.

I have also seen in the Platform SDK that DirectInput ignores key
re-mappings that the user has made in the Control Panel.  However, the
biggest problem with DirectInput is that it is tied directly to the keyboard
scan codes, which can very widely between locales, whereas the virtual key
codes are the same in every locale.

Using standard mouse input should allow the mouse cursor to smoothly cross
into and out of the X server window when not running in full screen mode.
Also, there should no longer be any problems with acquiring the mouse.
However, using an overlay for the X server requires that I make the X window
blank when the X server loses the focus in Windows, so the ability to move
the mouse into and out of the X server window isn't very beneficial.


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