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Hajime Murao
Tue Oct 17 05:52:00 GMT 2000


On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:22:40 +0200
J=fcrgen Simonsen <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I installed CYGWIN and the XFree-Software.
> Got the following problems:
> - I don't know how to change the keyboard layout for
>   a german layout.

Currently, you need to modify some files (mainly winkeymap.h) in the
XFree source tree and recompile it. I made XWin.exe supporting Japanese
keyboard in such a way and it is working very fine on my computer.

> - Screen resolution 800x600x16 works fine but
>   when I use 1024x768x16 the X-screen disappears when
>   I change to windows and back to X.

Sorry, no idea.

> Could someone help me.
> J=fcrgen

Hajime MURAO, Kobe University
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