Status Update

Robert Collins
Tue Oct 17 00:11:00 GMT 2000

Yee-haw! (sic)

Looks good to me.
My votes: get the non-full screen implementation going before high colour or
hardware accel. It's much more useful (to me) in commercial X-servers than
the high-colour aspect.

I can test win2k/98 for you as needed.


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Subject: Status Update

> All,
> Today I achieved some desired results with the Win9X compatible
> Cygwin/XFree86 server.  I now have a server that places the overlay within
> window (giving the appearance that the server is a normal windows
> it disappears when you press Alt-Tab, and it handles switching back and
> forth to the server without any major problems.  Also, my readings on
> DirectInput have given me a couple ideas that I may be able to pursue to
> the keyboard problems being reported by several users.
> I need some sort of definition of what the server should be before I start
> writing some serious code, as I now have a firm enough grasp on the
> technologies involved and the source code for the project.  I'm going to
> start with a list of all the features that I have in mind, and I'd
> appreciate it if other list subscribers voiced their support and
> in the various features.
> Proposed Cygwin/XFree86 X Server Features
> 1)  Full screen display mode (primary surface on NT,
>      full screen overlay on Win9X)
>      Difficulty: not bad, my test implementation is nearly complete
> 2)  Windowed display mode (non full screen overlay on all platforms)
>      Difficulty: not bad, my test implementation is nearly complete
> 3)  Read full screen display mode from command line (vs. ?)
>      Difficulty: already implemented
> 4)  Check desired full screen mode against hardware capabilities
>      Difficulty: not bad, haven't started yet
> 5)  Use current display settings for windowed mode
>      Difficulty: easy, haven't started yet
> 6)  Safer keyboard initialization
>      Difficulty: medium, doesn't look hard, haven't started
> 7)  Color depths greater than 8 bits (anybody *need* this soon?)
>      Difficulty: unknown, performance may suck
> 8)  Use graphics hardware acceleration (rather than the current flat frame
> buffer)
>      Difficulty: hard, not started, would take several months
> 9)  Devise a server start method that doesn't launch a ton of DOS prompts
>      Difficulty: unknown, might cause more confusion than benefit
> That's all I can think of for right now; I could probably get out a stable
> release in a month if I stick to the easy tasks.  I think that a simple,
> stable release that works on Windows 9X would probably make a lot of
> happy very quickly, as opposed to the more far-fetched ideas like hardware
> acceleration and International keyboard support.  What do you all think?
> Harold

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