Remote Server XDMCP

Harold Helmich
Tue Oct 10 09:08:00 GMT 2000

I wa hoping someone could help me.  I would like to setup XFree to connect
to my Linux server via XDMCP.  I have found various messages in the archives
and I think I am almost there but I running into a few issues.  The first
issue is that when I specify the -query option to XWin, it kills TCP/IP
stack.  I am do not get any errors stating such but am not able to ping
anything even my IP address.  I am running NT workstation SP 6 and using

Secondly, which version of pthread.dll should I use for XFCE?  On the
download site there are 3 versions.

I am unable to get the Gnome interface to work, when running in non-XDMCP
mode.  Do I need to edit the configuration files manually beyond selecting
the option from the XFCE desktop options?

Lastly, I have forgotten to how allow remote x-clients from other machines
access to the local server.  I found a message in the archives but have not
been able to find it again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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