batting .500 on xfree86-4.0 install

Cronin B. Vining
Fri Oct 6 01:02:00 GMT 2000

Everyone:  Apologies for such a lengthy followup.

Yadin:  thx for the suggestion.  Didn't work.


Thx for the dll.  It did indeed eliminate the "Back creation failed" error,
but I still get the "Direct Draw Init Failed" error.

Here are the details of why I think this.  I see two types of failures:

1) Error=88760078
   exact same results using either xf_dx.dll
   1 popup error message only:  "Direct Draw Init Failed"
   no black screen
   I get those results for these tests:
	   start XWin -screen 0 640x480x256
	   start XWin -screen 0 801x600x16
   I suppose this Error must mean something like:
         the "WxHxD" don't look valid to me.

2) Error=887601b3
   using original xf_dx.dll, 2 popup error messages
 	"Back creation failed" first, then "Direct Draw Init Failed"
   using test xf_dx.dll (w/o back buffer)
	   1 popup error message only:  "Direct Draw Init Failed"
   on top of black screen in either case
   Size of popup error box corresponds to resolution
   I get those results for these tests:
	   start XWin -screen 0 640x480x8
	   start XWin -screen 0 800x600x16
	   start XWin :0
   I suppose this error must mean something like:
	 I sent the "WxHxD" parameters to the video driver, but it died

So, the new dll did eliminate the "back" error, but not the "Direct Draw"
error.   Somehow I think the "back" error is a red herring.  Maybe I just
have a weird video card/driver here.

Thx for your support.


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>I'm sending Cronin a test dll that does not allocate a back
>buffer for the
>screen, because, as far as I can tell, the back buffer is not needed.

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