batting .500 on xfree86-4.0 install

Cronin B. Vining
Thu Oct 5 19:33:00 GMT 2000


Just thought I'd start off on the right foot.  Thanks to the developers and
to the archives of this list I was able to get Cygwin/XFree up and running
in pretty short order on an NT box.  The "How-To" is excellent.

OTOH, following exactly the same proceedure and using the same set of
downloaded local files xfree86 failed on a second NT box.  Batting .500.
Not bad for baseball or beta testing.

I could not find my "bug" mentioned in the archives. Both boxes have SP6
installed and share I/O through a KBD box.  I downloaded everthing using
setup v2.20 and Cygwin started up fine on both boxes.

With only slight tweaking of startxwin.bat per the "Direct Draw Init
Failed" threads in the archives (and making sure /bin is in PATH), I got me
an Xserver!  Way cool.  But only on one box.

Runnining startxwin.bat on my second box brings up a black screen with a
popup error box:

          Back creation failed
     Error = 887601b3(unknown error)

Click "OK" and you get a second error message:

          Direct Draw Init Failed
      Error = 887601b3(unknown error)

What the heck does "Back creation failed" mean??  Anyway?

At first I thought this was a hardware incompatibility issue, but now I
just don't know.  box#2 is a nearly 4 year old Gateway box:  200MHz Pentium
Pro, with and STB Velocity 3D ViRGE/VX video adapter.  I suspected the
adapter driver (from 1996) was the problem, but now I don't know.

For example, tweaking startxwin.bat with

start XWin -screen 0 1024x768x16


start XWin -screen 0 640x480x16

results in the same black screen and error messages, but the popup boxes
are sized appropriate to the resolution.  But using an INVALID resolution
such as

start XWin -screen 0 641x480x16

generates no black screen, just a single popup error box on top of my
regular desktop screen, with a different error number:

          Direct Draw Init Failed
      Error = 88760078(unknown error)

This makes me think the real problem here is that "back creation" thingy.
But now I'm stumped.

Thx for your efforts!  I'm not complaining.  Just reporting!!


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