Arrow keys, etc.

Suhaib Siddiqi
Wed Oct 4 09:21:00 GMT 2000

OK, agree


> Suhaib,
> > screen 8, means multiple display
> We're all aware of multiple screens... the problem is that the batch file
> sent in the tar ball only launches a single screen, screen number
> 0, so the
> settings for screen 8 are ignored.  The default batch file should have a
> line that configures screen 0 to 800x600x8; that will get almost all users
> up and running, and they can edit their batch file from there for more
> screens and/or different resolutions and color depths.
> Now, I want you to actually try the batch file that ships with our tar
> ball... do it!  XWin will ignore the -screen 8 settings and use
> the default
> of 1280x1024x16 instead.  Now, modify the line in the batch file to change
> the settings on -screen 0, instead of -screen 8, and your configuration
> parameters will no longer be ignored.
> It is confusing to the users to talk of multiple screens and tell
> them that
> settings for screen 8 will not be ignored (when they are, in
> fact, ignored).
> Harold

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