Arrow keys, etc

Yadin Y. Goldschmidt
Tue Oct 3 06:45:00 GMT 2000

I am sorry but adding these variables to the enviornment did not solve the
problem. Also it is not a problem with termcap since both mcedit and vim
work fine with arrow keys. I am using the termcap that came with the
recent cygwin. All
the keys on the keyboard are functional in nedit except the arrow keys.
When I use Xwin32 (commercial) with the same nedit the arrow keys work
fine. The machine is NT 4.0 service pack 6.
Please reply to yadin at pitt dot edu or to the list.

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Suhaib M. Siddiqi wrote:

> One of the problem you are reporting with NEdit... that is you can move only
> cursor with mouse
> but no arrow keys.
> Did you consider reading FAQ and mail archive?  I forgot to metion in the
> moring, I was busy at work.
> One will have keyboard problems with MOTIF applications, if XERRORDB and
> XKeysmDB are not set.
> On a UNIX machine there are set in your X installation tree, but on Windows,
> you MUST set or
> keyboard will not work.
> Please read the FAQ Section 3.22:
> 3.22 I compiled an X/MOTIF client foo.exe.  My foo.exe executes but I cannot
> use keyboard and my console dumps Xt Warnings:
> Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown event type :   BtnMotion
> Warning: ... found while parsing ' <BtnMotion>:  ManagerGadgetButtonM…
> <SNIP> …
>    What is wrong?
> You need to set XkeysymDB and XerrorDB Environment.  XkeysymDB and XerrorDB
> files usually resides in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11 directory.
> For example:
> SET XKeysymDB=C:\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\XKeysymDB
> SET XerrorDB =C:\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\XErrorDB
> Suhaib

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