Build of XFree86 from CVS - why Xserver is not built

Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Sun Oct 1 06:27:00 GMT 2000

all the Windows users are reporting that Imake skips the xwin directory
and fails to compile the Xserver for Windows.  One of the contributor for
Cygwin/XFree project reported the following findings.  This is against the
current CVS tree from


PS: I forwarded your message to xfree86 developers list.

Why not ust edit the Imakefile and remove the xvinfo realted stuff.  That
fix the problems.

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> Subject: Build of XFree86 from CVS - why Xserver is not built
> Okay, I figured out why the Xserver is not being built when you pull from
> CVS.  xc/programs/Imakefile has a list of subdirectories that are to be
> compiled; the 'xvinfo' directory appears in the list of subdirs
> just before
> Xserver.  However, someone has removed the 'xvinfo' directory and
> failed to
> update the build files; so, when make tries to enter 'xvinfo' it
> cannot, so
> it leaves the programs directory and goes on to the fonts directory.
> Work around, until the build files are fixed: create an xvinfo
> directory, as
> such, xc/programs/xvinfo/.  That keeps make from bombing and allows it to
> continue on to the Xserver directory.
> Harold

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