Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

Suhaib Siddiqi
Wed Jun 28 13:59:00 GMT 2000


  Hello Suhaib, and others who helped me! My work 
  is in progress but I have still some questions.
  I have completely removed my old cygwinb20 built 
  with a full.exe file on April and I have re-installed a full cygwin version on 
  June 27 using setup.exe from the latest directory at Then I 
  got the latest binaries of XGGI, GGI libs, X11R6.4 and xfree86-40-fonts, but 
  maybe I would need some other files ? I installed X11R6.4 and the fonts on 
  /usr/X11R6, GGI libs on /usr/local and XGGI.exe in 
  I used localhost:0.0 as DISPLAY, 
  GGI_DEFMODE=800x600[GT_32BIT] and finally XGGI -targets directx gives the 
  GGI-on-DX window and I can run X clients such as xclock, xterm, xsetroot and 
  the window manager twm (thanks to everybody who helped me), but still with 
  some problems :
  1. error opening security policy file 
  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xserver/SecurityPolicy when GGI-on-DX window starts. I 
  can't find anywhere the xserver directory or the SecurityPolicy file in the 
  downloaded files, so where is it ?  
  This is a 
  waring and should not affect performance.  However you can create a 
  directory /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xservers and copy SecurityPolicy 
  it from a 
  Linux machine if you do not want to see this 
  2. xsetroot works only if there is another 
  Xclient running (not really a problem).  
  Try seting $HOME.  
  3. xterm works but sends some warnings and one 
  error :
  Warning : locale not supported by C library, 
  locale unchanged
  Warning : locale not supported by Xlib, locale 
  set to C
  Warning : X locale modifiers not supported, using 
  Failed to open input method  
  Get the Xclients from xc-4-binaries.  That was a bug Xlib 
  in older versions.
  I can type in the xterm window, but it is in 
  qwerty mode although I have a french azerty keyboard! How can I convert xterm 
  to a french keymap ?
  4. The most important problem comes when 
  running the window manager twm : the already running X clients windows (which 
  are all at the upper left side of the GGI-on-DX window) are modified when twm 
  starts and each window has the focus when the X cursor comes above it, but I 
  can't move or resize any window. If I start a new X client while twm is 
  running, I drag the borders of the new window under the X cursor but I can't 
  fix the position by clicking on the buttons. It seems that twm does not catch 
  the button press events! (I am using a touch-pad with 2 buttons, not a 
  Try other WM like vwtm from contrib 
  Use Xmode to create .Xmode file or copy it froma  Linux box 
  and do a set xmodmap to that file at the 
  I posted about it when Xwin was released.  Check mail 
  5. How can I shutdown X11 in a clean manner 
  ? Actually, I can close xterms with CTRL D, but I kill the remaining processes 
  and XGGI in the BASH window. Efficient, but not clean!  
  I think there is no clean mothd for now and GGI work had beend 
  iscontinued due to John Fortin leaving the 
  Finally, I would say that you really did a great 
  job in porting X11 on Cygwin. Although I have still some problems, this seems 
  to be exactly what I was looking for. I will wait for your help on the mailing 
  Best regards,
  Richard Grenon 40 Avenue de la Division Leclerc 92320 Châtillon - 
  France e-mail :
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    You can copy downlaod fonts from xc-4-binaries directory, or you can 
    also copy 
    fonts from a Linux box.  Something seems to be worng with your 

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