Installing cygwin/xfree

Suhaib Siddiqi
Tue Jun 27 04:08:00 GMT 2000

can copy downlaod fonts from xc-4-binaries directory, or you can also copy 

from a Linux box.  Something seems to be worng with your 

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  Hello Suhaib,
  I have sent an S.O.S on April 29 about 
  installing X11R6.4 with Cygwinb20 on my PC working under Windows98, then I did 
  not work on my PC until June 15 because I was on travel and I have just found 
  your answer on the mailing list. Thank you very much for your help. I think 
  that I could make a great step towards the end of the tunnel but I still have 
  some problems with XGGI and X11:
  I have downloaded the libggi suite as you 
  suggested in your Reply on April 30 and I have installed it as you said 
  in the mailing list on January 17 "First Alpha X-server for Win32 is 
  out". I put /usr/local/lib in my PATH and tryed to exec XGGI -targets directx. 
  XGGI failed with the error message "missing export CYGWIN1.DLL:_ctype_". I 
  read the FAQ and got the last version of CYGWIN1.DLL in the snapshots 
  and tryed again to exec XGGI. Here is a copy of 
  what I have done :
  export GGI_DEBUG=0
  export GGI_DEFMODE=800x600[GT_32BIT]
  export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/lib
  XGGI -targets directx&
  Then I got for a short time the GGI-ON-DX window 
  but it crashed because it did not find the fonts. As I have installed X11 
  in /usr/X11R6.4 I made a link X11R6 -> X11R6.4 in /usr. I could not 
  find the fonts in X11R6.4 ( what ???) but I found them in X11R6.3 !!! Then I 
  made a link in /usr/X11R6.4/lib/X11 :
  fonts -> 
  Rather complex, I agree, but it works : finally, 
  I got the GGI-ON-DX windows, with still an 
  error :
  PEXExtensionInit : Could not open default font 
  file Roman_Merror opening security policy file 
  I could not find anywhere the missing file 
  SecurityPolicy, but no matter, the GGI-On-DX window did not crash !!!! Then I 
  tried to exec xclock, but I got the error : can't open display. In fact 
  the DISPLAY variable is empty. Can you tell me how and where DISPLAY should be 
  defined and where I can find the missing xserver directory with the 
  SecurityPolicy file ?
  Thank you in advance for your help on the mailing 
  Best regards
  Richard Grenon 40 Avenue de la Division 
  Leclerc 92320 Châtillon - France e-mail :

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