Interix (was RE: [Mm]akefile in)

Suhaib Siddiqi
Wed Jun 21 04:00:00 GMT 2000

> cygwin-xfree/programs/Xserver/hw/xwin has both Makefile and makefile.
> On NTFS and FAT (from the Windows side of things) these are
> indistinguishable
> files.

Yep!  That happen accidently.  I was using Makedepend which produce
Makefile, now switched to gccMakeDepend, which creates makefile.

Regardless, presense of Makefile or makefile, should be of no consequences.
You have to use "make World" command to build the tree.  make World would
generate the "makefiles" for your system.  The presense of makefile
or Makefile is of no importance, because you are not going to use
my Makefiles, unless you are aiming for failed build ;-)

BTW:  I will be off traveling most of the time this week and next week.
After that I am going to upload a complete new XFree86 sources tree to CVS.
The new sources will have OpenGL/GLX extensions enabled and most of
the X-servers build as loadable DLLs, instead of statically linked

>CVS on Interix when run on a remote file system (but not locally)
> detects
> one of them as a duplicate and chokes.  (Interix is case
> sensitive locally,
> but the
> remote protocol is not.)

Why Interix would choke?  It should not, unless Interix has design flaws or
is unable to deal with "makedepend".
You should not use "make" command instead you should use "make World"
This will rename all the Makefiles and makefiles to makefile(s).bak
and create Makefiles for your system dependencies.

Sooooo...... is Microsoft porting Cygwin/XFree to Interix?  Patches will
be gratefully aceepted.  I had bunch of requests from Win32 users for
porting Cygwin/XFree to Interix, which I ignored due to lack of
and this project is aimed for Cygwin as the base platform, beside Interix is
not an open source project therefore it does not interest me.

> This is probably asking for trouble for other people as well, but the
> symptoms
> are probably different.

Nope.  No one should have troubles... as I mentioned above and also in
previous mails
make world command gets rid of makefiles and generate new ones with
for your system


> Donn Terry
> Speaking solely for myself.

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