How to change visual class

Suhaib Siddiqi
Tue Jun 20 05:27:00 GMT 2000

> Hello,
> When I started a program on a remote IRIX server with Win95
> OSR2/DXWin32, the program complained:
>   'cannot get visual class PseudoColor'
>   'visual class TrueColor not supported'
> and exit.  Running DXWin32 with '-cc 3' option caused 'Couldn't add
> screen' error and changing the display property of Win95 to 8bit color
> didn't affect the visual class...
> Is there a way to change the visual class of the server ?
> Thank you.

That is because you are attempting to run an OpenGL client?
If you run xdpyinfo, you would the information on what is supported
on X.

Unfortunately, we do not have GLX extension for DXWin32.  The support
for OpenGL/GLX for XWin server is in progress.  Our servers are DirectX
therefore we need to sort out some  display problems with GLX extensions
on DirectX based X-server (XWin).  The GLX extension would not be supported



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