SGI OpenGL SI libs updated

Suhaib Siddiqi
Thu Jun 15 12:20:00 GMT 2000

> I just want to compile, link and run an app that calls glut and GL
> functions on Windows 2000 and/or NT. I thought that cygwin was a good
> environnement for that.

You should have no problem with it.  Link your application to linglut.a and
libGL.a, if needed to libGLU.a.  The application should work.

> For the moment, I don't care about hardware acceleration, or
> whether the GL
> functions are provided by an X server or by Windows.
> Buying a commercial X server for 2000/NT that supports GLX, such as HCL
> Exceed 3D, seems the only option by now; or is there a way to link with
> Windows function?

I do not think so, I hvae a couple of applications, which use GLX extensions
and they work just fine on any X-server.  The privious versions of IBM
were linked to libGL.a.

If you code is looking for a GLX extension is X-server, then you need to fix
in your code.

I cannot promise xwin would display all the OpenGL applications, but I can
open all the
examples from SGI OpenGL SI on xwin server and also I can run IBM OpenDX
on xwin.  OpenDX is MOTIF/OpenGL Data Visualization Application, which does
hardware and
software OpenGL rendering.  I had been contributing to Cygwin
OpenDX since long time and users had no problems runing it on any X-servers.


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