SGI OpenGL SI libs updated

Andre Bleau
Wed Jun 14 12:20:00 GMT 2000

At 18:50 2000-06-13 -0700, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:

>I updated the sgi-opengl.tar.bz2.
>Sorry for missing symbols in libGLUT.a.
>The new archive also contains all the demos, samples
>and extensions executables in the bin directory...
>just to make sure that all libraries passed all the
>SGI OpenGL SI tests.
>The libraries are linked against the latest binary
>releases of XFree86 for Cygwin

I am now able to link my glut-based apps, thanks.

Remark: there is already a GL directory in /usr/X11R6/include (from 
xfree-4.0-devel.tar.bz2); should the one in sgi-opengl.tar.bz2 replace it ? 
When un-taring sgi-opengl.tar, it refuses to overwrite files in 
/usr/X11R6/include (permission denied). I renamed /usr/X11R6/include/GL 
/usr/X11R6/include/oldGL to un-tar succesfully; is that right ? There were 
3 extra files in /usr/X11R6/include/GL from xfree-4.0-devel.tar.bz2: 
glxint.h glxmd.hg and glxproto.h .

I tried to run my glut examples on Xwin; I got an error message saying that 
the OpenGL GLX extension was not supported by my display. I stopped Xwin, 
edited startxwin.bat to add -x GLX at the end of the Xwin line and rerun 
startxwin.bat; xwin crashed. Was is the status of GLX support in XWin ?

BTW, I think that startxwin.bat should be updated to add 
C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin or something like it instead of \usr\bin\X11 which 
doesn't exists anymore.

Another bug: I switched from Xwin to the Windows desktop using Alt-Tab; 
when I returned to Xwin, the keyboard was no longer working properly; 
either it was adding 128 to the ASCII value of what I was typing or it 
didn't type anything.

One last little thing. Should we worry about these messages in the Xwin CMD 
window ?

scheduling timer: Invalid argument
_XSERVTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root

I am using Windows 2000.


André Bleau, ing., analyste

Département de génie électrique et         Electric Engineering and
de génie informatique                      Computer Engineering department
École Polytechnique de Montréal            Montreal Polytechnic School

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