SGI OpenGL SI libs updated (was: Re: linking problem with glut)

Suhaib Siddiqi
Tue Jun 13 18:51:00 GMT 2000

I updated the sgi-opengl.tar.bz2.

Sorry for missing symbols in libGLUT.a.

The new archive also contains all the demos, samples
and extensions executables in the bin directory...
just to make sure that all libraries passed all the
SGI OpenGL SI tests.

The libraries are linked against the latest binary
releases of XFree86 for Cygwin



--- Andre Bleau <>
> I have problems linking programs with the glut
> library that is distribured 
> with Xfree (/usr/X11R6/static-lib/libglut.a).
> 1. This library is masked by the one included in the
> cygwin distribution 
> (/usr/lib/libglut.a), which I had to rename to
> oldlibglut.a for having g++ 
> to search /usr/X11R6/static-lib/libglut.a (with
> -L/usr/X11R6/static-lib 
> -lglut). No big deal.
> 2. This library lacks several functions:
> glutBitmapWidth, glutGetModifiers, 
> glutSetCursor, glutBitmapHelvetica12, to name a few.
> 3. Linking against /usr/lib/libglut.a instead
> doesn't seems to work. It 
> produces a long list of undefined symbols (almost
> all glut functions). I 
> checked it with the nm utility; it says
> /usr/lib/libglut.a is supposed to 
> contain the missing definitions, but ld can't
> resolve them.
> So, does anybody has compiled a more recent version
> of the glut library ?
> André Bleau, ing., analyste
> email: bleau at courriel dot polymtl dot ca
> (Fight SPAM: encode your email-address)
> Département de génie électrique et         Electric
> Engineering and
> de génie informatique                      Computer
> Engineering department
> École Polytechnique de Montréal            Montreal
> Polytechnic School

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