linking problem with glut

Suhaib Siddiqi
Mon Jun 12 14:33:00 GMT 2000

> I have problems linking programs with the glut library that is
> distribured
> with Xfree (/usr/X11R6/static-lib/libglut.a).

There is no libglut officially in /usr/X11R6.

There is a sgi-opengl SI precompiled binaries in contrib
directory.  They use X protocols.  When using those libs
you need to be very carefull that you do not link glut32
headers from Cygwin which may be in /usr/include and lib in

I put pre-compiled SGI OpenGL SI in contrib directory only after
SGI OSS accepted a few of the changes to glext.h and glxext.h for
cygwin, which would be in SGI GLX 1.3 release.

> 1. This library is masked by the one included in the cygwin distribution
> (/usr/lib/libglut.a), which I had to rename to oldlibglut.a for
> having g++
> to search /usr/X11R6/static-lib/libglut.a (with -L/usr/X11R6/static-lib
> -lglut). No big deal.
> 2. This library lacks several functions: glutBitmapWidth,
> glutGetModifiers,
> glutSetCursor, glutBitmapHelvetica12, to name a few.

If those were not in the CVS code of OpenGL SI from SGI
then they will not be there.
Did you try dumping symbols from library to a text file?

> 3. Linking against /usr/lib/libglut.a instead doesn't seems to work. It
> produces a long list of undefined symbols (almost all glut functions). I
> checked it with the nm utility; it says /usr/lib/libglut.a is supposed to
> contain the missing definitions, but ld can't resolve them.

/usr/lib/glut.a?  Mine SGI OpenGL SI GLUT lib is libGLUT.a, try dumping
from it to a text file and see if it is really missing it?


> So, does anybody has compiled a more recent version of the glut library ?
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