Updated Xfree binaries

Jonathan Fosburgh syjef@mail.mdanderson.org
Mon Jun 12 07:49:00 GMT 2000

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To: "Jonathan Fosburgh" <syjef@mail.mdanderson.org>;
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Subject: RE: Updated Xfree binaries

> > > After X-server crash you should have crash message printed in
> > DOSK shell.
> > > Cut-paste and post
> > > the crash message.
> > The last two lines it prints (everything else is about SecurityPolicy
> > errors, which is bogus)
> Those are just the warning.  You can copy a SecurityPolicy file from
> linux and put in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xserver directory.
> are:
> > 0 [main] XWin 1121 handle_exceptions: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
> > 1275 [main] XWin 1121 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to
> > XWin.exe.stackdump
> Maybe you have two conflicting versions of Cygwin1.dll?  Do a search from
> Windows Explorer, for Cygwin1.dll, and see how many dlls you have?
> Rename all of them except the latest one.
> Or, your cygwin1.dll is too old?  I used cygwin1.dll from June 6
> snapshot.  Version 1.1.1 or higher should work.
What's extremely strange is that it works sometimes and other times gives me
this problem.  If it looks like it is going to fail (I get the keyboard
error and I have a Windows cursor over the X cursor) then I can sometimes
alt+tab out and about 50% of the time the X server is still running, so I
can alt+tab back in and it will then work for awhile.

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