Cygwin /tmp\foo behaviour

Trevor Forbes
Sun Jun 11 18:46:00 GMT 2000

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From: "Suhaib Siddiqi" <>
To: "Trevor Forbes" <>; "Cygwin-Xfree"
Sent: Monday, 12 June 2000 10:54
Subject: Re: Cygwin /tmp\foo behaviour

> --- Trevor Forbes <> wrote:
> > So If I understand you correctly
> > "/tmp\cc017659.base" should not link anyway
> > as ld will always be looking for "/tmpcc017659.base"
> > which will never exist?
> >
> huh? Why should it never link?  It is an intermediate
> file created by compiler.

Sorry, looks like I am out of my depth.

I just thought it was a temp file placed in the /tmp directory for use by
the compiler/linker.
>From what Chris said, I thought If the compiler/linker looked for it in
"/tmp\cc017659.base" it would actually be looking for "/tmpcc017659.base"
which does not exist. Obviously I must be wrong?


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