newbie alert: xterm emulator

Suhaib Siddiqi
Sat Jun 10 17:52:00 GMT 2000

NO idea what are you trying to do.  If I understand
correctly. You installed on Cygwin and X11 libraries?
Right?  This would definitely give "Cannot open
You need the X-servers, which are not part of stock
Cygwin distribution.

Go to
Read first URl and FAQ, then FTp to:

>From xc-4-binaries directory download almost all the
archive except cygwin-xfree-x11r6.4-B20.1.tar.bz2

Unzbip2 and untar in 

c:\cygwin\usr directory (Iassume that you have cygwin
installed in c:\cygwin directory)
This will give you;

Now when you cd to c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin and type


You would have a X-server runing on your Win98 box
with a xterm window.  You should be able to telnet to
your Unix box and open remote X applications.


--- Vinay Rao <> wrote:
> I am running Win 98 at home. Since my wife works
> using win 98, I cannot
> install any other operating system.
> However, I would like to use some software running
> remotely on a unix 
> machine that has x based gui. Now, I thought I could
> get this facility by 
> installing cygwin (to get the bash prompt), then
> install xfree for cygwin, 
> thereby getting the x-libraries needed at my (PC)
> end for the x based 
> windows that pop up. Here is what I did:
> 1) opened a cygwin windows
> 2) telnetted to my unix account, which lets say is
> 3) then i tried typing "xterm" at the$
> prompt.
>    it said can't open display.
> 4) then I typed "who" at the unix prompt to get the
> name of the
>    my machine (as seen by the unix server). it
> turned out to be
>    something like
> 5) so i did "setenv DISPLAY"
> 6) then i tried "xterm" again. didn't work.
> being a complete novice at these things, I am
> wondering if I am even
> on the right path. Could someone please guide me
> along...
> Thanks
> Vinay Rao
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