Updated Xfree binaries

Suhaib Siddiqi s_m_siddiqi@yahoo.com
Sat Jun 10 13:52:00 GMT 2000

I updated XWin X-servers binaries.  Splitted archives
into small archives in xc-4-binaries directory at


To use only X-server.  You would need 
xfree86-4.0.tar.bz2 and xfree86-4.0-DLLs.tar.bz2.
Plus xterm and twm if you want.

xfree86-4.0-devel.tar.bz2 (headers and lib*.a)
xfree86-4.0-DLLs.tar.bz2 (DLLS only, neccessary to use
X-server and X-clients)
xfree86-4.0-fonts.tar.bz2 (compressed fonts.  If you
have access to Linux, you may copy
/usr/X111R6/lib/X11/fonts directory from Linux,
instead of downloading fonts)
xfree86-4.0-Prog.tar.bz2 (X11 clients)
xfree86-4.0-twm.tar.bz2 (TWM, Window Manager)
xfree86-4.0-Xnest.tar.bz2 (Xnest only)
xfree86-4.0-Xprt.tar.bz2 (Xprint Server only)
xfree86-4.0-Xterm.tar.bz2 (Xterm only)
xfree86-4.0-Xvfb.tar.bz2 (X11 frame buffer server only
- very buggy right now)
xfree86-4.0-Xwin.tar.bz2 (DirectX/XFree86 4.0 based
X-server for Cygwin)

Xwin.exe has following fixed:
1) Improved texture support for DirectX 6.0 and
2) some users reported XWin.exe was crashing on
Windows Nt 4.0 with error "cannot open font "fixed".
Problem fixed in new fonts archive.


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