XWin Direct Draw error

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Fri Jun 9 07:20:00 GMT 2000

> > Sorry NO.  I guess I am still sleeping.  MSDN site has only
> DirectX 7.0 SDK
> > Did you try executing some of the sample DirectX and DirectInsput
> > executables which comes with DiirectX.  I do not have access to
> Windows95.
> I downloaded the DirectX update. What executables could I try? If
> there was a
> DirectX problem, surely the DXWin32 server would also fail, but
> it works; just
> very slowly.

Try Donut and other examples in DirectDraw samples directory?

Slow as in when it starts or slow as in displaying a remote graphical

DXWin32 would not necessarily fail.  It is a compelety different source

Do you have access to a Win98 machine to test if it works on that?
What I can think of is video driver inability to handel some of the
CreateSurfce subroutines in the xf_dx.dll.

> It starts up okay. The first (local) xterm appears quickly. The
> first slowness
> I see is when that xterm tries to scroll - a long 'ls' for example. Remote
> windows also take a long time to update, locking up the whole X
> server while I
> wait.

I will test remote display and see if I could fix it.

> BTW: the reason I could not see /usr/bin/X11 and /usr/lib/X11 in
> both windows
> and cygwin, was because c:\bin is mounted as /usr/bin and c:\lib
> as /usr/lib,
> but the is also a real c:\usr\bin & lib. So I have to unpack the windows
> servers in windows. My cygwin install is standard (I changed
> nothing). Why is
> this confusing setup used I wonder? I understand why the mounts
> are present,
> but why have a c:\usr\bin with another copy of everything thats
> in c:\bin???

But you could always access from Explorer, after extracting tar
using Cygwin.

usr\bin is needed for MSVC compiled applications.  The X11R6 when compiled
with MSVC sets the ProjectRoot to /usr.  Of course I could do #define
ProjectRoot <whatever I like>
during compilation.  I did not change the default ProjectRoot because
others may not like my paths, so i left it to default.

> Thanks,
> Nick.

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