XWin Direct Draw error

Nick Thompson nickthompson@lucent.com
Fri Jun 9 05:14:00 GMT 2000


I have managed to get the XGDI and DXWin32 servers to work, but XWin
throws an error in a dialogue box:

Direct Draw Init Failed
Error = 88760078(unknown error)

This is on Win95, cygwin1.1.2, DirectX7.0a. Is there some way to fix

The XGDI and DXWin32 servers perform VERY slowly. I have a 233MHz PIII
and 128MB RAM. Is there a way to speed them up? Will the XWin server be
quicker when I get it running?

BTW: for those having a problem getting things to work; unpack the
bzip2s and then use winzip to install the tar file contents. When I used
'bzip2 ... | tar -xvf -' in bash, I ended up with X11 dirs which could
only be accessed by cygwin and not from DOS/Windows. This makes the font
files and rgb.txt file unreadable from the windows servers at least.
Maybe someone else could explain why this happens?


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