Getting New XServers to Work

Suhaib Siddiqi
Fri Jun 9 03:50:00 GMT 2000

> I think we should pack X-Servers that not rely on cygwin with zip.

Sourceware admin requires that archives to be uploaded only in Bzip2
format.  This is to conserve disk space.

> anyone can use it without unpacking it under cygwin and run into the mount
> problems.
> In the moment who is new takes the latest release of cygwin and calls
> setup.
> And the standard setup mounts /usr/lib to /lib.
> Then you have to use bzip2 from cygwin to get the X_Servers out of the
> package and put it in the mounted /usr/lib.
> For a newbie it is a bit confusing that you have a virtual filesystem on
> top of the Win-Filesystem.
> I think a good solution will be a setup-package for the none cygwin stuff
> (future!!).
> Is it possible to get them out of the Unix file structure and place them
> where you want like "normal" windows applications?
> By the way the headers and libs included in the XServer-Package are they
> for use with cygwin or VC?

Yes, they are for MSVC only.

>I tried to compile fvwm, but get some errors.
> Compiling it with the stuff in xc-4-binaries was no problem.

They for Cygwin therefore they would work without problems.


> Ciao, Dirk
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