Getting New XServers to Work
Fri Jun 9 00:43:00 GMT 2000

I think we should pack X-Servers that not rely on cygwin with zip. So
anyone can use it without unpacking it under cygwin and run into the mount
In the moment who is new takes the latest release of cygwin and calls
And the standard setup mounts /usr/lib to /lib.
Then you have to use bzip2 from cygwin to get the X_Servers out of the
package and put it in the mounted /usr/lib.
For a newbie it is a bit confusing that you have a virtual filesystem on
top of the Win-Filesystem.
I think a good solution will be a setup-package for the none cygwin stuff
Is it possible to get them out of the Unix file structure and place them
where you want like "normal" windows applications?
By the way the headers and libs included in the XServer-Package are they
for use with cygwin or VC? I tried to compile fvwm, but get some errors.
Compiling it with the stuff in xc-4-binaries was no problem.

Ciao, Dirk

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