Getting New XServers to Work

Suhaib Siddiqi
Thu Jun 8 10:25:00 GMT 2000

> <Much grumbling about outlook express and reply buttons>
> If my mount table returns the correct directory structure (/, /usr/lib
> /usr/bin, etc) why does it matter where I installed cygwin?  I
> installed to
> d:\cygwin, so my root entry looks like
> d:\cygwin    /    user    binmode
> Do I need to reinstall Cygwin in the root directory of my D (or C?) drive?
> D is the only ntfs drive I have, so I think it needs to go there anyway.

No.  I have Cygwin installed on my PC, at G: drive. and my mount point looks

g:\cygwin / user binmode
g:\cygwin\usr /usr user binmode

and I have my X11R6 directory in g:\cygwin\usr, i.e.

G:\> cd cygwin\usr
G:\> dir
 Volume in drive G is Hunda
 Volume Serial Number is 9046-0E8A

 Directory of G:\cygwin\usr

05/07/2000  02:07a      <DIR>          .
05/07/2000  02:07a      <DIR>          ..
05/26/2000  08:14a      <DIR>          bin
03/26/2000  01:20a      <DIR>          etc
04/15/2000  05:16p      <DIR>          i686-pc-cygwin
04/15/2000  05:17p      <DIR>          include
05/17/2000  07:09a      <DIR>          info
05/26/2000  08:14a      <DIR>          lib
04/18/2000  07:47a      <DIR>          libexec
05/07/2000  02:11a      <DIR>          local
04/15/2000  05:17p      <DIR>          man
05/17/2000  07:09a      <DIR>          share
04/19/2000  07:42a      <DIR>          X11R6

When I cd to G:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin from console
and type startxwin
the xwin executes and server comes up in fullscreen mode.


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