Missing bitmaps

Tim Chick TChick@virata.com
Wed Jun 7 06:24:00 GMT 2000

> Well, that can be an issue and needs more testing.  DDD I compiled 
> worked fine, as long as the bitmap files supplied by
> DDD are available to ddd.

What do you mean, available to ddd? The bitmaps should be compiled
into the executable I thought?

> Our X-servers use DirectX, direct has a different way of
> doing bitmap then it is done on Unices.  

I am using the exceed X server, not the XFree Server. I have
also used an x server on a linux box. Both have the same effect.

I have just used the X11 libraries to compile ddd

I did not compile bitmap.exe though, this came in the X11 package

> I will investigate the bitmap problem you are reporting
> and if I could reproduce it, we may have to come up
> with a better bitmap support.
> BTW:  Wich X-server are you reporting?  Xwin.exe, DXWIn32, XGDI.exe???


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