XWin keyboard change

Patrick Roudaud patrick@enserg.fr
Wed Jun 7 05:50:00 GMT 2000

 Hi again,

> There is no config file.  I intentionally tweaked the XFree86 code for Win32
> so we do not need XF86Config file.  I know there are advantages to have such
> a config file, but there may be more support nightmares for Windows
> versions.
> We are using DirectInput to control mouse and keyboard.  Whatever
> mouse and keyboard configuration is supported by your OS and its
> configuration in Windows Control Panel, DirectInput would pass it on
> to XWin server.
> Regards
> Suhaib

   in my control panel (wint nt 4.0 sp3) , the keyboard is a PC/AT 102 and the 
regional setting is french-standard for layout .... However when using the 
XWin server , I come back to the standard qwerty US keyboard, so it looks like 
my NT setting isn't passed to the X server ... is there a way to debug that ???



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