Installation problems
Wed Jun 7 04:28:00 GMT 2000


I tried to install the X-Server binaries 1.0  from the contrib dir on a
fresh installed cygwin-net-environment.

The first problem was the the cygwin setup mounted the lib to /usr/lib.
So the fonts, rbg.txt haven't been in the right place. Maybe the cygwin-
developer will correct this problem. 
My Solution was to unmount the lib dir and then install the Xservers.
Now the XServer can be started successful. But when i tried to start xterm
I get the following problems:

bash-2.04$ xterm
y:\usr\bin\X11\xterm.exe: *** shared region is corrupted.  inited 14
      0 [main] ? 0 lpfu: void pinfo::record_death (int):374 having
problems gett
ing lock
   2109 [main] ? 0 lpfu: *** void pinfo::record_death (int)(374), pid 285 
ked, rc -1, Win32 error 6
   6851 [main] ? 0 unlock_pinfo: ReleaseMutext (pinfo_mutex<0x0>) failed,
error 6

Any Idea ?

Ciao, Dirk

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