Now a XFree86 4.0 based X-server

Mon Jun 5 12:31:00 GMT 2000

Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:

> >
> > Congratulations!  It sounds like things are starting to take off here!
> >

Congratulations from me, too!

> The X-servers released yesterday are not Beta any more.  I marked them
> as Versions 1.0.
> Someone posted a couple of weeks ago that he was willing to help put
> together
> a FAQ in HTML and PDF, formats.  Can he contact me again please?

That was me. Please send me informations about the Xservers. I'm writing a
document with texinfo where we can put the information. It could be easy
converted in HTML,PDF,PS and so on.

The keyinformations I need are (eg. Xvnc):

Name of Server-bin:
Required DLL's :

Important Parameter/Example:
    <screen>    :0
    -fp            /usr/X11R6/libX11/fonts/misc
Important Files:
    rbg.txt  (is in /usr/X11r6/X11/rbg.txt, but should be copied to

    Fonts should not be compressed. (if they are, use gunzip and mkfontsdir).
    Fonts and rbg.txt should be on the same Drive like the excutable.

I get the information about Xvnc via trial and error, if they are wrong
please  corrrect me. It seems that the integration in the cygwin-environment
is not complet. We should recomend that the cygwin-root directory is identical
with an Dos-Drive-Root.

I'm waiting for input !!!

Ciao, Dirk

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