Now a XFree86 4.0 based X-server

Chris Faylor
Sun Jun 4 19:33:00 GMT 2000

Congratulations!  It sounds like things are starting to take off here!


On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 06:13:17PM -0700, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
>Peter Busch gave a big hand in writing a DirectX based
>dynmically loaded library and fixing bugs.
>Here is a first version of "stable" XFree86 4.0 based
>Get the xfree86-4.0-xwin.tar.bz2 from
>Unzip and untar in a /usr directory.  Grab rest of
>the archives from xc-4-binaries directory on
>or get X-servers-v-1.0.tar.bz2 from contrib directory.
>This server works in fullscreen mood only and is based
>upon XFree86 4.0 source tree.  
>Known problems;  It is stable only in 8bpp mode, 16
>and 24bpp mode will turn your xterm RED and GREEN ;-)
>We will be spending now a great deal of time putting a
>HOW-TO and FAQs

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